Brick City Alumni Group

Founded in 2009, the Brick City Alumni Group (BCAG) is an organization that is attempting to harness the power of association and shared experiences, in order to set a positive example and provide opportunities for Newark youth. Ifiok Inyang, Mfreke Inyang, Hawwa Muhammad, and Sumorwuo Zaza were all raised in Newark, and have excelled in life through their collective pursuits in education.

Utilizing social capital to promote engagement, the group believes that they have created a model that can be leveraged across the city. BCAG is developing not only students as they strive for collegiate success, but also hoping to catalyze the city as a whole, where people are engaged and willing to give back. The intent is do "it" now, not to wait. Having already engaged more than 250 students and parents in the city, utilizing a sense of community to advance college readiness and career preparation, BCAG is seeking to grow its network of members.

This Saturday, the 23rd, BCAG will be hosting a College Overview Workshop at Science Park High School, a central location easily accessible from all parts of the city. Over the course of 2 hours, students and parents will hear from those that have been in their shoes, as well as a current guidance counselor from the Delbarton School, who will discuss how to determine the best fits for students and their families as well as how to create to-do lists for the college application process.

The event is open to all students and their parents, who are encouraged to RSVP in advance through their website for food catering purposes. Beyond this event, the group is intent on spreading the college culture. When talking to Sumorwuo, a graduate of Harvard who now works privately to address civic engagement and it efficiency through technology, you can easily see the connections between academic success, career success, and civic engagement. It is all routed in community.

Thankfully our Newark community has groups trying to strengthen our glue and make it expand.

Saturday: February 23
Science Park High School
260 Norfolk Street, Room 317
11 AM - 1 PM

Date posted: February 22, 2013
By: Kai Campbell

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