Hycide Magazine launches
06/05/2011 - 08:00 PM | by Tamara R.

Hycide Magazine launches

On Friday, the talented Newark photographer, Akintola Hanif, launched HYCIDE - a photography magazine dedicated to subculture art and conflict at Aljira. The magazine sheds light on people that are often forgotten, overlooked or avoided, Hanif shared. The magazine features vivid photography that illustrates the worlds of people most will never meet.

When his friend Luis Rivera Jr was killed at the early age of 19, Hanif changed his mission from shooting pretty models to showcasing how beautiful the people the world overlooks really are. Friday night, Hanif was joined affectionately by Luis' family who shared their life with Hanif through his lens.

The night included: Hanif's role model and mentor Jamel Shabazz, who has been shooting urban life for over 30 years; Ernie Paniccioli, famed Hip Hop photographer; Amiri Baraka, a friend of Hanif's father, who read an excerpt from Wyse; and at the rear of the gallery, artist Baja Ukweli painted live as well.

You can get an inside look of the magazine online at www.hycide.com. See pictures of the launch party below:



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