Meet me in the Ironbound
02/27/2014 - 04:15 AM | by Tamara Remedios

Meet me in the Ironbound

Have you fallen in love with or in The Ironbound? If you haven't, the latest promotional piece for the Ironbound Business Improvement District (IBID) will certainly entice you and visitors to come to Newark. The piece showcases Newark's landmarks on land, by water and by air. The shots of the city and the people are beautiful and the story unravels like a romance novel. But don't take our word for it - see it for yourself below:

The film was created by Newark-based DreamPlay Media, a multiple award-winning film, branding, web and creative media company. DreamPlay Media is run by Newark-raised brothers Igor and Yuri Alves. According to Igor, "(they) approached this project not as if we were making a promotional travel video but instead, we wanted to make cinema in 3 minutes! Our goal was to not sell Newark short and create a video on par with the top cities in the world, because Newark should claim its place among them. My brother and I each grew up in Newark, and we still work and create here, and so this project was close to our heart for sure."

Vince Baglivo, who represents several Newark clients and serves as the IBID's associate director for communications/marketing, remarks, "I think people will be wowed by the film. People who have seen the film all comment on the passion it conveys. You can feel it and people recognize it because it is real. We worked with Igor and Yuri Alves on another promotional video several years ago. We didn't consider anyone else for this project. They grew up in the Ironbound. They love the community, understand it and capture it so well because they are part of it and always will be. It doesn't hurt that they are some of the most talented, hardworking, creative and fun people I have ever had the pleasure to work with."

The Alves' produce both original and branded or commissioned work. They are currently developing a TV series to be based in the Newark area, in post-production for film called "Exit Road" (which Yuri directed and was filmed large part in Ironbound), and in post-production for a music band documentary called "Paint the Rust" (mostly filmed in Newark as well). They also recently premiered a special MLK celebration PSA, filmed in Newark with 50+ middle-school students (see below).

A King's Love in Newark | #MLKlove from DreamPlay Media on Vimeo.

ABOUT ALVES BROTHERS: Igor Alves has 10+ years of working with mission-oriented businesses, government agencies, non-profits, and startups. He recently produced the "Sign of the Nation" art exhibition at Solo(s) Project House in Newark. Yuri Alves has written and directed more than 15 original films, which have garnered over one dozen festival awards around the world. Yuri's original dramatic short film, "Exit Road," filmed in Newark, will be released in mid-2014, he's also in post-production on a Newark-based documentary feature film named "Paint the Rust," and also wrote and directed "Broken Clouds," filmed in Newark, which won numerous film festival awards worldwide. Earlier, Yuri received Presidential recognition for the "first produced" 9/11 documentary "The Day the World Changed." More info at:

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