Downtown Living Tour

Downtown Living Tour

Date(s): May 20, 2017 at 10:00am - 4:00pm

Cost: Free

What is it really like to live in downtown Newark? 

This day-long event is your opportunity to see first hand the most exciting, unique, and diverse residential developments in Newark’s downtown. The tour offers something for everyone, from local professionals and empty nesters to ambitious students and those interested in historic preservation, interior design, and urban living. 

The Downtown Newark Living Tour promises:
**Tours of the hottest luxury apartments with amazing amenities - such as bowling alleys and basketball courts.

**Free entrance into the best cultural institutions and entertainment venues in New Jersey, like the Newark Museum, Gallery Aferro, Express Newark and the new Jazz Museum!

**Discounts to the best restaurants and bars in downtown Newark.

Free shuttle to travel the tour. - If walking is not for you, don’t be turned away! We have a free shuttle for your convenience.

Just steps from Newark Penn Station and minutes from Manhattan, the self-guided tour begins on the ground floor of our Tour Headquarters and takes you to over a dozen flats, apartments, and lofts throughout the downtown district, along with entrance into Newark’s popular cultural institutions, and discounts at some of our best eateries and bars. 

The Downtown Newark Living Tour is the perfect way to check out what life might look like for you in downtown Newark, without any commitment. 

Come see why downtown Newark is perfect for you!
RSVP REQUIRED. Please check for event schedule.


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