Filmideo 2017: Day 1

Filmideo 2017: Day 1

Date(s): April 22, 2017 at 6:00pm - May 6, 2017 at 10:00pm

DAY 1: Saturday, April 22 @ Index Art Center

  • Stephen Douglass: Siege Device. Sorry... (NJ)
  • Nicole Rayburn: Last Contact (Canada) 
  • Eri Honda: Stop Motion Dreamy Journey (Japan and NYC)
  • Elizabeth Tolson: Vessel (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Saeed Naghavian: Refugee Camp (Iran)
  • Kit Langton: Music by Sparkly Old Man “Lunar Racket” (NY-NJ)
  • Tiffany Joy Butler: Cosmic Call (Bronx, NY)
  • Alverson Layne: PAVLOV (NEWARK, NJ)
  • Kasia Skorynkiewicz: Society is a Cult (Jersey City, NJ)
  • Deborah Kelly: LYING WOMEN (Australia)
  • Gili Noyman: SOUNDS of Discontent (Israel)
  • Irena Ristic: SELF-SCAPE (Serbia)
  • Easmanie Michel: Minutes to Say Hi (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Carlotta Piccinini: TALE OF MYSTERY (Italy)
  • Kathleen McDermott: Urban Armor # 2 The Personal Space Dress (NY)
  • William Oliwa: Fishing and Bigfoot (NJ) 
  • Reut Ferster: Sagi (Israel)
  • John Mutter: How To Avoid Being Detected (Canada)
  • Nathaniel Sullivan: Before The Nation Went Bankrupt- Letter to Lover 1 (NY)
  • Isabella Cruz-Chong: EXHALE Inspired by Line of Breath by Isabella Cruz-Chong (Tijuana, Mexico and Brooklyn)
  • Brian Ratigan: A Stones Throw Away (Brooklyn)
  • Simon Welch: Capsule (UK based in France)
  • Peter Mack: Depressed Animation (Northampton, MA)
  • Kelli McGuire and Eric Durkin: music by Fascinations Grand Chorus ”Welcome” (NJ and NY)
  • Patrick Moser: Running Inside (St Augustine, FL)
  • Hearty White: Hearty Yard Dash (Florida)
  • Jordan Marty: Ouroboros (Richmond, Virginia)
  • And / Or: Tight-Pants (Newark, NJ)
  • Jessica Ellis & Aaron Francis: Podium (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Hearty White: The Furnace Guy, The Banjo, and Hearty (Florida)
  • Peter Mack: Dots (or -Dabs-) with Unintended Strobe Effect (Northampton, MA)
  • Cornelius: Bubblegum Booty Blast (Ringoes, NJ)
  • Josh Tuthill: The Sexual Practice of Trees (Soquel, CA)
  • Genadzi Buto: 283 FROGS (Belarus)
  • Billy Sims: New Tempo Rubato (Chicago, IL, USA)
  • Daniel Alexander Smith: Anna (MA)
  • Divya Gadangi: Medical Spaces (NYC)
  • Jonathan David Smyth: Flat Line (NYC)
  • Noelle Lorraine Williams: Homesick (Newark,NJ)
  • Christopher Willauer: Coitus Interruptus-A Dismembered Autobiography (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Monika Rostvold: Dancer (NY)
  • Devin Thomas: Thiaroye By The Sea (Brooklyn, NY)

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