Filmideo 2017: Day 2

Filmideo 2017: Day 2

Date(s): April 29, 2017 at 1:00pm - 11:00pm

Location: Index Art Center

Cost: Free

Featured works on Saturday, April 29:

---------------------------------------------------- DAY SESSION: 1 to 6 PM ---------------------------------------------------- Marilena Karagkiozi: Dreality (Greece) Fred L' Epee: Athanasia (Switzerland) Christine Stoddard: A Call to the Stronger Sex (Brooklyn) Crystal Beiersdorfer (video), Lars Bröndum (music) and Barbara -Gunter Bröndum (spoken word): Beige (USA / Sweden) Kuesti Fraun: SMART USER (Germany) Tushar Waghela: Lament of Sammy's Forest (India) Danielle Langdon and Scott McMahon: Shelf-Life- Compilation from the Cutting Room Floor (Columbia, MO) Diana Rönnberg: Stories From the Forest, Records From the City – (Lives in Sweden and Poland) Alexandre Alagôa: VORTEX (Sesimbra, Portugal) Dillon Lemon: ” ...............................” (USA) William Doty: The City-State (Madison, WI) Pat Reynolds: CIRCULATION (Brooklyn) Snow Yunxue Fu: The Chambers (Chinese, lives in Chicago) Wednesday Kim: Dépaysement Dreams (South Korea,lives in North Dakota) Mandy Cano Villalobos and Aaron Henderson: Offering (Mandy: Grand Rapids, MI, Aaron: Pittsburgh, PA) Eri Kassnel: Postludium (Germany) Marcos Bonisson and Khalil Charif: Tupianas (Brazil) Jennida Chase: The Pleasure of Ruins (Illinois) Harold Charre: Savagery (France) Jake Moore: Dancing Girl Emoji (UK) Nenad Nedeljkov: Stretching of Daily Life (Serbia) Zlatko Cosic: Story 1 Scenes 1-9 (Yugoslavia / USA) Jean-Michel Rolland: The Sunset Doors (France) Heather Stratton: Forensics & Ceremoney Iteration #4 (Kentucky) Heather Stratton: The Whispering Tree (Kentucky) Adam Tuch: Gheist Brain I ( NY) Alessandro G. Capuzzi & Emanuele Dainotti: SANTA TERESA (Italy) Eri Kassnel: Cradlesong (Germany) Lin Li: Hundun (Hong Kong but now a British citizen residing in Scotland) Carlotta Piccinini: ENACTION #2 (Bologna, Italy) Jake Moore: The Ocean's Breath was Salty (UK) APOTROPIA: Echoes of a Forgotten Embrace (Italy) Emilia Izquierdo: ECLIPSE (UK) Jean-Michel Rolland: NEONS MELODY (France) Kristin Helga Rikhardsdottir: IN IT - to win it (ICELAND) Harriet Rickard: muddafucka (UK) Anouk Chambaz & Julija Paskeviciute: Vegetation Walk(Switzerland & Lituania) Mark Gens: Games People Play (Brooklyn) Heather Stratton: The Gift (What You Seek is Seeking You) (Lexington, Kentucky) Glasz DeCuir: DUAL Virtual Worlds - Immersive Experience by DD, Echo and SaveMe Oh – (San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain) Duncan Poulton: Pygmalion (Birmingham, UK) Markus Keim: Mare Mediterraneum (Vienna, Austria) Benjamin Rosenthal: Impenetrable As Night (Lawrence, KS) Mohammad Alhemd: Indulgences- Reborn (Living in Kuwait, with Kuwaiti nationality) Daniel Wechsler: Dust (UK) Patrick Moser: no exit (St Augustine, FL) Brandy Bajalia: Stale Roses, Scalding Coffee (NYC) Sabina Jacobsson: The Collectors (Swedish, living in Norway) Emma Finn: Double Mountain (Scotland) Jim Tuite n Jeremy Hurewitz (AKA rootless) - No One Thing - (Edison, NJ and Brooklyn) Ninfa Sanchez: La Máquina de Sueños (Mexico) Flakorojas: Inversa (Venezuela) Simon Gerbaud: Saver (Mexico)

--------------------------------------------- EVENING SESSION: 7 - 11PM -------------------------------------------------------Anne Dushanko Dobek: Promises, Promises (NJ) Tracy DiTolla: Skewed Consciousness (Wyckoff, NJ) Dina Fiasconaro: Pucky's Pappagallo (Baltimore, MD) Ursula Pelczar: The Blessing (UK) Emmanuel Manoli Vozos: To Build A Fire (Union, NJ) Heath Schultz: Typologies of Whiteness, White People Love Police (Austin, Texas) Sinasi Gunes: Anatolia (Istanbul, Turkey) Lingyun Zheng: A Tomato Is Not A Tomato (NY) Heather Stratton: American Defiance, Pray for Us (Lexington, Kentucky) Patrick Moser: The Game (St .Augustine FL) Quinn Lachler: Losing It (2015) (Buffalo, NY) Michael DiFeo: Title Redacted (NJ) Anaïs Duplan: I Think That I Can Love It (Jacmel, Haiti) Andrea Leoni: LINE (Rome, Italy) Josh Jordan: BREAKTHRU - 1992 (Brooklyn) Intermission Nancy Daly & Kim Llerena: Baby Rasta (Washington, DC) Cristobal Catalan: No Man's Land (UK from Spain) Barry Whittaker: Throwing Things at the Sky To See if They Stick (OH) Daniel Alexander Smith: Static Wave (MA) Dillon Lemon: ASCIDIA (US) Emelie Mahdavian: Intangible Body (USA) Mores McWreath: Spot 270 You (NY) Kahori Kamiya: Job Interview (Pearl River, NY Originally from Japan) Emilia Izquierdo: CAVE (UK) Kathleen McDermott: Memorial For Bad Jokes (NY) Michael Szpakowski: One Kiss of Mine (UK) Noelle Fitzsimmons: StayStill (Austin, TX) Mores McWreath: Spot 921 Not You (NY) Oscar Lebeck: Laurieston (Germany) Chao Heng Yang: SearchWithin (UK) Patrick Moser: Rake Hole Dancer (St Augustine, FL) Josh Jordan: MODERN GIRL - 2004 (Brooklyn) Intermission Yael Azoulay: Please Break My Heart (Brooklyn) APOTROPIA: Sense of Place (2015) (Italy) Mauricio Sanhueza: Parasite (Peru) Szymon Krzyżanowski: VHS (Wołomin near Warsaw, Poland) Vasco Diogo: May I Dance (Lisbon, Portugal) Wednesday Kim: The Birth of Tragedy (South Korea, Currently in North Dakota) Monika Rostvold: The Color Red Makes You Hungry (NY) Zlatko Cosic: ST. LOUIS SPIN (Trumpo Mix) (Yugoslavia-USA) Yael Azoulay: Auditions For Please Break My Heart (Brooklyn) Josh Jordan: SOMEBODY TO LOVE - 2016 (Brooklyn) ------------------------------------------------

FILMIDEO 2017 12th Annual Film and Video Screenings. Filmideo is a yearly event, that celebrates the great diversity and work of independent filmmakers and video artists from around the globe. Since 2006, “Filmideo” has been organized as an annual event to promote video and film formats in a fine arts exhibition environment. For twelve consecutive years, over 10,000 attendees have been given the opportunity to view a variety of digital media expressing many different narratives and socio-political currencies. “Filmideo” is an open-ended discourse that educates visitors via the multiplicity of narratives as illuminated in the video and film selections presented each year.

Filmideo is sponsored by our neighbors 27 Mix and Kilkenny Alehouse. Index Art Center 237 Washington Street Newark, NJ 07102 Gallery ph. 862-218-0278

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