Art Kitchen Has Closed Their Doors (For Now)
12/01/2016 - 10:53 PM | by Newark Pulse

Art Kitchen Has Closed Their Doors (For Now)

The Halsey neighborhood will mourn the loss of a community hang-out and cafe, The Art Kitchen. Justyna Stachowicz took over the cafe several years ago and it was with sadness she closed her door for the last time on November 30. 

Here's a letter from Justyna in her own words:

Dear Customers

November 30th 2016 was our last day of serving You. It was very emotional day for us with a lot of crying. It was so hard saying Bye and give hugs to so many of You ...We had a few really great years having you as customers and friends and family in the same time. The reason of pulling gates down for good was not getting an optimal lease from our landlord and it's been a struggle with it for last couple of years... And of course another, more important reason is that we have a Baby boy on his way. We have only a couple of weeks left waiting for him, which many of You already know. Because of it we are taking few months off, the little baby boy will be our priority in this time.

The good news is that we are planning on reopening Art Kitchen whenever we find a rhythm in taking care of a baby ... we are hoping for early Spring 2017. It's going to be in new location not far away from the old one. We are hoping you will keep warm memories of us, and stay in touch. We will keep you posted here [on Facebook] and on Instagram what's happening with us, and when baby boy is born and how maternity is going ...

We are missing You already and there is a lot of tears running down my face while writing this. 
Please don't forget us and remember that we will see each other after the winter ...

Art Kitchen

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