Barnes & Noble College Store to Open this week
02/27/2017 - 01:50 PM | by Newark Pulse

Barnes & Noble College Store to Open this week

The Barnes & Noble opening to the public on Wednesday, March 1 the same day as Whole Foods. Doors to the 10,000 square-foot, two-story store will be on Halsey! It will be the first major bookstore in Newark in decades and will serve not only as a retail space, but a true destination for students and faculty to come together and connect — acting as a vibrant social and academic hub that reflects the mission and values of RU-N as well as the city of Newark.

In addition to merchandise typically found at other Barnes & Noble retail outlets, the RU-N bookstore will continue to offer textbooks, course materials, school and art supplies, RU-N apparel, and other university-branded items. Other features include a centrally located marketplace for grab-and-go snacks and drinks; seating for student study sessions, group meetings, and community gatherings; and an online textbook pickup counter for internet orders.  

Looking ahead, a University and community “welcome celebration” is being planned for the spring. The bookstore is also in the process of planning future events throughout the year, such as exclusive literary readings and book signings, faculty author events, open-mic poetry readings, and Saturday story hours for children.

Photo by: Leigh Soriano

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