Color of Munny
08/23/2013 - 07:45 AM | by Kai Campbell

Color of Munny

What's the color of Munny? If Kidrobot has its say, it can be anything your heart desires. And thanks to the dreams of Iquan Worthington and The Artoholiks you will now have that chance, along good food, cool company, and a sharpie for every color of the rainbow.

This Sunday, The Artoholiks are hosting their first Munny Social, which will allow guests to design their own Munny, while breaking bread and socializing. The "mix and mingle" event will first be held at The Elbow Room, before going on a rotating circuit at various venues each month.

Iquan, an avid Munny collector for over 10 years, works in the creative sphere, but needed space for his personal design and creative outlets. The blank Munny affords a channel to voice himself, that wasn't business related. After finding success on the web and the Munny community, Iquan and his wife decided to create the event to share their passion in an inviting setting.

With the events, Iquan and his collective are hoping to build onto an expanding business portfolio, which will hopefully one day include space in the coveted Kidrobot arena. With a promising series, any artist can possibly make their way to the retail shelves of Soho, along side the likes of Buff Monster and Mishka.

The Artoholiks functions as a creative collective that focuses on lifestyle and design.

And with this 1st Munny Social, he and his crew are well on their way to designing a lifestyle where all of the money is green.

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