Coming Soon: Shipping Container Condos
03/19/2015 - 05:15 AM | by Newark Pulse

Coming Soon: Shipping Container Condos

A vacant lot in Lincoln Park might see a three-family home made out of 18 recycled shipping containers (from the Port of Newark) soon if they receive approval from the Planning board.

According to their press release, "each of the 3-bedroom, 2-bath units will use high-quality materials in a clean and contemporary layout designed by Frederick Cooke of C+C Architecture. The interiors feature modern, open floor plan, upscale polished concrete floors and quality finishes and fixtures. The plan is organized to bring generous light and air to all the spaces within the unit. Closed cell foam insulation will provide a high performance thermal envelope that exceeds current insulating requirements."

Container Condos in Newark, NJ

The construction costs are expected to be 10-15% lower than traditional wood framed structures. If approval is given, we can see construction start this summer and available for occupancy by end of the year.

The partners on this project are C+C Architecture, Cor10 Concepts and Community Asset Preservation Corporation (CAPC) - all Newark-based!

container apartment layout

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