Free Lead Testing and Remediation by La Casa De Don Pedro
04/03/2017 - 12:11 AM | by Newark Pulse

Free Lead Testing and Remediation by La Casa De Don Pedro

La Casa De Don Pedro has introduced a Lead Safe Home Testing and remediation pilot program. 

Lead can be found in homes built before 1978 and can usually be found in windows, doors,  walls and floors. Children under age 6 are at risk of being poisoned by exposure to lead. 

La Casa is offering FREE lead testing services to interior of house. They provide:

  • Preliminary lead testing to determine if lead is present on painted surfaces
  • Lead inspection/risk assessment of your home
  • Lead remediation and abatement of lead hazards
  • Education on how to keep family safe from lead

If they FIND lead in your house - they will enroll you in a program to remove the lead for FREE. To qualify:

  • Household income must within the low-to-moderate income limits. Annual Income Limits by household size:
    • 1 person: $46,000
    • 2 people: $52,600
    • 3 people: $59,150
    • 4 people: $65,700
  • You must live in a one or two unit residential home in Essex County built before 1978. Property must be structurally sound and current on real estate taxes, water and sewer.

For more information or to apply for the remediation program, contact Danny Feliciano at 973-485-0701 x4406 or Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

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