Glimpse inside the Hahne’s Building
12/08/2015 - 08:20 PM | by Tamara Remedios

Glimpse inside the Hahne’s Building

Hard hat tours were conducted today inside the Hahne's building to show the exciting work being done. See the video below for an inside look. 

Here are some of the highlights and random facts:

  • The Hahne's building will house WholeFoods, Express Newark by Rutgers-Newark (details below), more retail and restaurants and office suites on the second floor with entry from Broad Street.
  • A 9 story tower is being built on the property for more residential units with entry from Halsey Street.
  • There is an inside corridor with a massive and beautiful skylight that will connect Halsey and Broad Street and be a community meeting area (main photo above)
  • The skylight was filled in and made invisible during the second world war so that lights seen inside wouldn't make the building a target. It was moved from the fourth floor piece by piece and sent to Pennsylvania for fabrication. It was painted and put reinstalled into this location. 

inside construction of Hahne's Building

Express Newark created by Rutgers-Newark will give life to the upper floors of the structure while contributing to the reactivation of the Halsey Street corridor. Amongst a number of local partnerships, this unique community-based educational program includes an arts incubator, a community media center, a design consortium, Newark Print Shop, portrait studio, a Maker Space, and more!

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