My Newark: Weequahic Bike Ride 2015
05/19/2015 - 05:00 AM | by Douglas Freeman

My Newark: Weequahic Bike Ride 2015

Taken Sunday, May 17 at the South Ward Community Bicycle Ride.

The Community, City and County showed once again working together as one unit improves neighborhoods. The Newark Police Department and the Essex County Police Department made a safe day for our kids as they made sure each and everyone of them remained safe as they traveled down Chancellor Ave and Elizabeth Ave into Weequahic Park.

This journey started from the St Peter's Recreation facility, which became the center of hope for the community on a lovely Sunday morning. On behalf of the groups participating in this event. We would like to thank everybody who made this possible.

Let's continue to work together to improve the conditions and mindset of our neighborhood and communities through positive programming and development.

Weequahic Bike Ride

Weequahic Bike Ride 2

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