Newark 350 Mural Design Contest
03/15/2016 - 10:39 PM | by Newark Pulse

Newark 350 Mural Design Contest

The Newark School of the Arts announces a "Newark 350" mural design contest for the school's 50th year history and Newark's 350th Anniversary.

Contest Description: Participants may submit drawings that will be screened by a committee of art faculty and trustees. The winning design(s) will be used to create a mural on our building’s exterior celebrating Newark School of the Arts programs and history along with Newark’s 350th Anniversary.

Deadline for Drawings (limit of 3): April 2, 2016
Winner(s) announced April 16, 2016

Contest Guidelines:

  • Open only to persons connected to Newark School of the Arts (student, alumni, parent/guardian, faculty, staff, trustee).
  • All artwork must be an original design (not copyrighted or commercial images)
  • Designs must include the words “Newark School of the Arts”, and “Newark 350”  or “Newark’s 350th Anniversary”, and a visual representation of founders Stella Lass and Saunders Davis. 
  • Participants must complete a Contest Registration Form 
  • Newark School of the Arts reserves the right to make design edits


Above is the wall the winning design will occupy.

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