Open Doors 2016: Artsy Picks for Little Ones
10/18/2016 - 09:31 AM | by tamara

Open Doors 2016: Artsy Picks for Little Ones

Open Doors 2016 is upon us this weekend and although art might be seen as an adult activity with nightly events, there is plenty to enjoy with little ones this weekend. Check out our picks for Open Doors 2016: Kiddie Version

The following events are all within walking distance of each other, kid-friendly (Obviously) and on Saturday, October 22. 

11am: Creative Play @ Newark Museum

Creative Play at Newark Museum

An on-going series by the Newark Museum, however for Open Doors there is an early session at 11am for little ones to explore an art piece in the galleries and then do a coordinated activity. 

10am-1pm: Characters Walk @ Newark Public Library

Character Walk

Although not an official event of Open Doors... this event created for little ones offers a variety of arts and crafts and games, plus another opportunity to get dressed up. 

12-4pm: Rainbow Roller Print on Campbell Street

Rainbow Roller

Kids can be a part of the creative process of making this print. The city of Newark is the subject, so come with your creativity and imagination to share what this city means to you. Ink is applied by participants, paper is placed on top and a steamroller drives over it and the rest is left to drying. 


There are many other exhibits and shows to bring the littles ones around the city. Find all of them here on the official Open Doors 2016 website for Newark Arts

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