Outdoor Dining
04/24/2013 - 08:00 PM | by NewarkPulse

Outdoor Dining

Looking to enjoy a drink or your next meal in the sun and warmth... well here's the list for you. (Outdoor cafes open April 15th)


This restaurant offers dining along the Passaic River (who knew?)
Mr. Adams Steakhouse

Mr. Adams Riverfront dining

Hidden Oasis: Backyard Courtyards

These are places some may not even know exists - hidden behind restaurants and between buildings - but great well done areas. You can find them at:
- 27Mix
Burger Walla
- Allegro Seafood Grill
- Burger Bound
- Intrinsic Cafe
- La Cocina
- Mompou Tapas
- Nizi Sushi

Out on Top: Rooftops

You can check out the scenery from above at:
Skylab/Hotel Indigo
- Robert Treat (not open to the public unless for events)

Skylab rooftop

People Watch: Sidewalk Seating

Take a seat close to sidwalk and watch people stroll by:
- Better Bites
- Gratto Bistro
- Hell's Kitchen
- Manu's Sushi Lounge
- Sagres

A la Fresca: Patio Seating

Enjoy these places that have patios with much seating:
- Campino
- The Patio
- Catas
- Dinosaur BBQ
- Iberia

Catas outdoor

Get There Early: Limited Seating

Although not plentiful, these restaurants have a few places to sit outside, just make sure to get there early to grab a seat:
- Adega
Green Chicpea
- Mi Gente

**Updated June 12, 2016

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