Philip’s Academy takes Green to the Next Level
06/02/2015 - 05:45 AM | by Newark Pulse

Philip’s Academy takes Green to the Next Level

Philip's Academy on Central Avenue is known for their green programs. They are dedicated to immersing students in wellness and sustainability through a Rooftop Garden, Teaching Kitchen and Urban Farming Lab.

On Earth Day the school scheduled the entire day with activities that involved every class, grade and student. Here's some of their activities.

Kindergarteners lead a garden parade and enjoyed a planting activity with 6th graders.

First Graders explored wildlife habitat in the garden and created a bird seed ornament.

Second graders decorated pots to seed and cooked in the Teaching Kitchen with ingredients collected from their Rooftop Garden.

Third graders created a "How to" garden book which they delivered to University Heights first graders with a hands-on instruction for planting seeds.

Forth Graders visited a community garden in the South Ward.

Fifth Graders worked on Nutrition and Health education - creating posters to hang around the school and designed parent education handouts and recipe cards.

Seventh Graders will create stepping stones for the Rooftop Garden.


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