Spotlight on Liss Pharmacy
02/23/2012 - 07:00 PM | by tamara

Spotlight on Liss Pharmacy

Your neighborhood pharmacy might just be a best kept secret - if you're in the North Ward you might already know  it because of the superb reputation of Liss Pharmacy on Mt. Prospect Street. Liss has been a part of the north ward community for over 75 years. It was started by the Liss brothers in the early 1900s - the same ones that invented anbesol (the patent is registered to Michael Liss at the Mt. Prospect address in 1933).

The current owner, Matt Parisi is the third owner and maintains the pharmacy as a family. His son-in-law Rich Mistichelli manages the store and many of the other staffers have been there for years like Mario Puozzo that has been working at the pharmacy since a teenager 25 years ago. They own 3 other pharmacies - one nearby on Heller, and two more in Lyndhurst and Little Silver. The other pharmacies provide opportunities for current staffers to grow in management and even have ownership opportunities. 

But aside from creating a family pharmacy the community is their extended family and everything they do shows that. A few years ago after the closing of St. James and Columbus hospitals Liss saw their role in the community grow providing advise and counsel to their neighbors. So they decided to to grow from a liquor store and small pharmacy to something greater - A large scale pharmacy and neighborhood store with medical equipment (beds, chairs, etc) on display, children's toys, household items, gift items and so much more! They even designed a second floor to house medical offices, specialists and a clinic to create a one-stop source for the local neighborhood (hoping to open by fall of this year).

The Liss pharmacy family sit on many community organizations and helped develop programs for the city like Brick City Respite and NewarkRx - providing low cost prescriptions to Newark residents. They have been a part of the Mt. Prospect Partnership and are proud of all the positive changes they have seen in the area. They do more than just sponsor the local little league team (though they do that too)!

If you've hesitated to use your local pharmacy let me debunk the myths. They have as vast an inventory as the chains, their prices are as competitive and they take the same prescription plans. And the bonuses: they offer free delivery and it's like Cheers - they know your name and provide personalized service. It's no surprise that Liss Pharmacy received the national Good Neighbor Pharmacy award for 2011!

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