Spotlight on: Question Mart
01/25/2013 - 07:20 AM | by NewarkPulse

Spotlight on: Question Mart

If you haven't paid attention, you might have missed a new fresh foods market that has joined the downtown/Lower Broadway community. Although the sign is covered (it will be revealed Saturday, Jan 26), it is home to "?uestion Mart," where their slogan is Answering Your "Healthy" Needs.

Alex and K. Lewis opened their doors in September 2012 to provide their community in which they lived with healthy options. K. Lewis says, "...our experience to shop for healthy quality food was a little daunting and we were exhausted with the lack of options in our community." So for two years they built upon their idea and didn't want to settle for anything less than the best! They want to cater to the needs of the community and has even told customers, "...whatever you want, we can get. We have the same distributors as Whole Foods." Just give them the name of the product and they can have it in the store within 3-4 days.

The owners stick to one basic rule for their products: If they don't put it on their table to eat, they would not sell it in their store. You can find organic products, and all natural and some raw foods.

K. Lewis and her husband opened the business with no background in the food or retail business but had the passion to learn about the industry and see what the community was lacking. Although they opened in the middle of the recession, they are running on faith and loyalty of their customers. This is the basis of SHOP LOCAL and hope more can support this business.

?uestion Mart will be hosting their ribbon cutting this Saturday, January 27th at 11am with Councilman Sharif and a nutritionist on-site.

?uestion Mart
392 Broad Street, Newark, NJ

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-7pm; Sat 9am-7pm; Sun 9am-6pm

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