The Hahne’s Building is Open!
01/17/2017 - 01:40 PM | by Newark Pulse

The Hahne’s Building is Open!

The Hahne’s building officially opened today with classes starting in the building for the spring semester of Rutgers-Newark.

Inside Hahne's

In addition to Whole Foods, which is slated to open in late winter there is plenty more that will make the Hahne’s building a cornerstone of Newark again.

  • Chef Marcus Samuelsson has confirmed a restaurant for the building. Rumors say something like Street Bird. 
  • Barnes & Noble will have a college bookstore, similar to the one in New Brunswick where there is a floor dedicated to student books but also a smaller floor/area for books outside of the college curriculum.
  • Kite & Key is another store from New Brunswick feature tech products for sale (some have mentioned it as an Apple store, lease not officially signed).
  • Petco - a national pet store will also be in the Hahne's building
  • Express Newark, an arts incubator that brings together community partners, university faculty, staff and students and will provide public spaces to create, learn and perform. You’ll find Newark Print Shop, Hycide, portrait studio by Nick Kline, Design studio lab, art galleries and studios, video production lab, community media center, and more!
  • The 100 People project for Newark is currently on exhibit (more details to come). 

Hahne's whole foods

Hahne's 100 People

Here's a pic from ONE year ago!

hahne's 2016

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